Saltire Pressure Control provides an extensive range of surface Blow Out Preventers (BOPs), for a range of offshore operations, including annular, single and double BOPs from 7-1/16โ€ to 30โ€, with all associated rams, Valves & Spools.

The dedicated team also operate a full refurbishment, repair and remanufacturing service. Subsequently, we ensure that all well control equipment, i.e. welding, machining, pressure testing and torquing requirements are effectively met.

Equipment Includes:
  • Union 130/6 horizontal boring mills full C.N.C controls.
  • Vertical Traverse 2500mm, Cross Traverse 2800mm, Longitudinal Traverse 2500mm, Union 110 horizontal boring mills full C.N.C controls.
  • Table Size 2000mm x 1800 mm, Clamping Weight 6 Tonnes
  • Vertical Traverse 1620mm, Cross Traverse 1985mm, Longitudinal Traverse 1960mm, Scheiss vertical boring mill N.C. control
  • Table Size 2000mm Dia, Clamping Weight 8 Tonnes, Swing max 2700mm,Vertical Traverse 2000mm XYZ centre lathe C.N.C. controls.
  • Max Turning Dia. 205mm,Dist.Between Ctrs1250mm, Swing over bed 410mm Tuscan centre lathe C.N.C Controls.
  • Max Turn Dia. 380mm, Dist. Between. Ctrs 3mt, Swing over bed, 500 mm Hollow spindle bore, 230mm, Hyd Turret with power tooling.
  • TIG Hot/Cold wire weld cladding machine C.N.C. controls.
  • Max. welding Dia. 1.5mtre, Min. welding Dia. 50mm. Max. welding lth. 2.3mtres (must be welded from each end) Max Weld Height (Base Plate to Tip of Welding Head) 100โ€.
  • 2 x Submerged arc welding machines.
  • Max. welding Dia. 2mtres, Min. welding Dia. 200mm. Max. welding lth. 1 mtre.
  • 1 x TIG manual arc welding machine.
  • 1 x MIG manual arc welding machine.
  • 2 x manual arc welding machines.
  • Pressure testing to 22,500 psi.
Saltire Energy comprises of four divisions: Saltire Energy Products, Saltire Pressure Controls, Saltire Drilling Products and Saltire Torque & Test. The common denominator between all four is the unparalleled customer service each specialism offers.
Established in 1986, continuous investment in its state-of-the-art facilities and innovative product lines have seen the company grow to service worldwide operations for global operators.

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