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The first job for our machine shop on this beautiful Sunday morning is to cut 7 5/8" Regular Pin & Box Connections on these 9 1/2" x 4" x 31ft P530 Non Mag Drill collars.
The oversize, 4" ID allows the client to install the MWD tools in the collars prior to running in hole.
When complete, these tools will be shipped to The Sultanate Of Oman to assist the client in their Directional Drilling Programme.

We hold rental Stock of Non Mag Drill Collars from 3 1/2" thru 9 1/2" with various ID's & lengths to suit the clients needs.

Great Tools, Great Service

For more information on our Non Mag Products, contact 
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The Oil & Gas industry is notorious for everything being urgent & needed ASAP so the rig has no down time.
These OEM rubber goods were picked off our shelf yesterday & loaded onto a truck to Saudi today.
The top one is a Nitrile Packing Element for a 13 5/8" 5M NOV Annular BOP & fitted in our rental rams below are 4" packers & top seals for Cameron Type U rams.
We hold stock of most common sizes of OEM BOP rubber goods, so we can cut down lead times & provide clients with a quick option.
All rubber good are kept in our temperature controlled store & come with full certification.

Great tools, Great Service

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Great sight first thing in the morning as i drive into our yard 🙌
We had a call out last night to make ready a 21 1/4"  Diverter package for a client to collect first thing this morning.
Our guys worked on & fitted, bolted, nipped, tucked etc, to make this happen.
Our employees are our most valuable asset, and we treat them as such. Without them, I wouldn't be turning up to the yard with a batch of kit all ready to go.

Great tools, Great Service

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Preparing a SBS Darron 12 1/4" SHI Hole Opener with a 8" jetted Bullnose for a client
The tool is dressed with Medium/Hard cutters & fitted with 20/32" Nozzles. The Bullnose is fitted with a 28/32" Nozzle.
These Single Stage Integral Hole Openers are manufactured from a single forging.
The 12 1/4" will open a pilot hole from 8 1/2" to 12 1/4".
The assembly is torqued in our shop & is ready to plug & play on the rig-site.

We hold stock of cutters, nozzles & associated items to make sure of easy re-dressing.

Great tools, Great Service

For more information on our fleet of rental Hole Openers, please contact

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