Scottish Rugby

Saltire Energy is proud to be an official partner of Scottish Rugby and as an official partner the Saltire Energy brand will be advertised at the pitch side on international matchdays at the BT Murrayfield and at the Scotsstoun Stadium for both Scotland’s men’s and women’s teams and the Saltire Energy brand will be promoted across the globe.

As part of Saltire Energy’s support of Scottish Rugby, the Saltire Energy Caledonia Youth Cup is played every year and boys and girls from across the Caledonia Region compete with an inclusive Final’s Day being played at Sheddocksley in Aberdeen.

Through its partnership with Scottish Rugby, Saltire Energy is also delighted to support Scottish Rugby’s School’s Week. The 2022 programme attracted 9,200 young people in the Northeast of Scotland which is the home of Saltire Energy, and this is a huge increase on previous years.

The programmes have allowed children who have never had the chance to play rugby or any other team sport, to get involved in the benefits of rugby. The hope is that Scottish Rugby Schools Week will become the cornerstone of school’s rugby in Scotland following 16,000 pupils engaging with Rugby nationally.

“We can never underestimate the part that sport plays in our lives, its ability to motivate and empower are astonishing. With that in mind Saltire Energy takes huge pride in supporting Scottish Rugby whose core values of respect, leadership, achievement, engagement, and enjoyment are fundamental to all that we stand for.”

Saltire Energy