Saltire Drilling Tools offers an extensive range of Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) equipment, which can be supplied in both steel and non-magnetic materials.

Saltire’s Drilling Tools division has the largest inventory of state-of-the-art BHA equipment worldwide. With our own in-house welding facilities, we can dress any size of stabliser and hole opener with all Hard-facing and diamond dressing for more abrasive well conditions.

  • Steel and Non Mag Drill Collars – Slick, Spiral and Flexi – 4 ¾” – 9 ½”
  • Steel and Non Mag Integral Stabilisers – 4 ¾” – 36”
  • Steel and Non Mag Float Subs – 4 ¾” – 9 ½”
  • Hole Openers – 22” – 42”
  • Drilling Jars – 4 ¾” – 9 ½”

This multi offering ensures coverage on all forms of drilling and exploration, from vertically accessed reservoirs to those with challenging deviations such as high pressures and temperatures, all of which are encountered with modern recovery techniques.

Saltire Energy comprises of four divisions: Saltire Energy Products, Saltire Pressure Controls, Saltire Drilling Products and Saltire Torque & Test. The common denominator between all four is the unparalleled customer service each specialism offers.
Established in 1986, continuous investment in its state-of-the-art facilities and innovative product lines have seen the company grow to service worldwide operations for global operators.

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